2016.12.23 - 2 winning images for the EyeEm Holidays Mission, also featured on Quartz
2016.12.19 - (GoodFellas) Photographic coverage for the Facebook Italia Christmas Party
2016.12.14 - (GoodFellas) Photographic coverage for the Burson Marsteller Christmas party
2016.12.08 - (GoodFellas) Stage photography for GdV + Rock and Roll Circus - "Love is the answer - John Lennon Tribute"
2016.11.19 - (GoodFellas) Stage photography for GdV + Rock n Roll circus - "I love Radio Rock"
2016.10.19 - (GoodFellas) Stage photography for Giardino dei Visionari (GdV)
2016.08.31 - (GoodFellas) Photo shooting for British jazz singer Randolph Matthews
2016.06.10 - Reportage for the opening of the exhibition TouchPoint at the  NABA university (Milan)
2016.05.27 - (GoodFellas) Reportage for the presentation of the new single from “Les Italiennes”: IDWBYG
2016.05.12 - (GoodFellas) Backstage for the interviews during the StartUpEurope dinner
2016.05.05 - (GoodFellas) Reportage for Berlucchi of the event at the Sheraton Diana Hotel
2016.04.11 - (GoodFellas) Reportage for Berlucchi of 5 events during the Fuori Salone 2016 & performance from Marianne Mirage
2016.03.21 - (GoodFellas) Reportage for Twitter for the 10th Birthday (published on Panorama e GQ)
2016.03.16 - (GoodFellas) Live coverage for Twitter of the "Twitter Sport conference" at Teatro Principe
2016.02.26 - (GoodFellas) Reportage for Illy at Padiglione Unicredit during the Milano Fashion Week
2016.01.14 -(GoodFellas) Live coverage of the final day of the Campari Academy Barman Competition (Milan)
2016.01.12 -(GoodFellas) Reportage of Pitti Immagine for NorthSails
2015.12.19 - (GoodFellas) Reportage of the event Samsung Experience & X-Factor for Samsung Italia (Milan)
2015.12.16 - (GoodFellas) Reportage of the Google Italia Christmas Party  (Milan)
2015.11.28 - (GoodFellas) Reportage of the celebrations for the 15th Birthday of the San Mauro Community (Turin) 
2015.09.18 - (GoodFellas) Live reportage of the event #DMDS for Heineken
2015.08.07 - (GoodFellas) Live reportage of "Street Like a Rainbow" street-art event for Aracnea (gallery)
2015.06.22 - (GoodFellas) Reportage of the fashion event organized by 5VIE in Milan
2015.06.07 - (GoodFellas) Reportage of the Blue Velvet Motel event in Milan
2015.06.06 - (GoodFellas) Organizers of the official EyeEm Adventure in Milan
2015.04.18 - (GoodFellas) Reportage for Giacomo Milano at Giacomo Caffé Letterario in Palazzo Reale
2015.04.17 - (GoodFellas) Reportage and still photography for Flexform spa at their stand at Salone del Mobile 2015
2015.04.13/15 - (GoodFellas) Reportage for Generation Store (Johannesburg, South Africa) at Salone del Mobile 2015 
2015.03.28 - Photographic coverage of the swimming race "XXXI Trofeo Città di Verolanuova" organized by Master Verolanuoto
2015.03.21 - Attended the "24 Hour Project" international street photography event covering the city of Milan
2015.03.04 - (GoodFellas) Backstage for Quiet Please! Studio during a recording session with the Kitty Daisy & Lewis band
2015.02.27 - (GoodFellas) Backstage photography for the 5 days filming set of "Claustrophonia" movie for Bluescore Studio (Milan)
2015.02.20 - (GoodFellas) Coverage for the official opening of the new Tabaccheria for the gastronomic brand "Giacomo" (Vogue)
2015.02.05 - (GoodFellas) Participation to blogger night organized by Segafredo Zanetti in Vicenza (gallery)
2015.01.12 - (GoodFellas) Coverage for North Sails at the official stand and event at Pitti Uomo 87 in Firenze (gallery)
2014.12.13 - (GoodFellas) Photographic coverage of the FashionCamp event in Milan (gallery)
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